Let's find out what makes our projects unique and how we work with valuable and selected materials


The Inox Service is able to realize products starting from your ideas, following you from the design to the production. If your choice will be metal rather than wood, stone or even glass we are able to project and create tailor-made products thanks to our experience and versatility. We cooperate with Engineers, Architects and chartered Surveyors. Let us know which are your needs, requests and ideas, we will design together your desired product. Each project is unique and must be treated as such. We develop for each project technical 2d and 3d drawings in addition to rendering in order to offer our customers a complete and final overview of the work.

Metals and Alloys

We use all kind of metals you would like and we realize products with all types of processing techniques. Every stage of production (cut, bending, welding and finishing) will be done by our skilled craftsmen in order to make each project unique and inimitable. Stainless steel is one of the most used and preferred metals in our design.

Wood and Core

Carpentry section is ready to welcome and work all type of wood thanks to carpenters, equipment and utensil able to offer products with all kind of shapes and design. From rough to lacquered wood we provide perfect solutions both for civil and business use.


Studies and designs have brought our technicians and craftsmen to use glass in the production, thus adding elegance and quality to staircase, parapets, window and door fixtures and design products


Driven by the richness of our land, we offer our customers a 360° experience by giving value and enriching furniture or any other items we produce with finishes of all kinds of stone.


Inox Service is constantly evolving and uses the water jet technology to cut the different materials. It allows us to produce accurate items that leads to realize a perfect product identical to that in the design. We work also for third parties in order to offer a bigger assistance to the Italian and global market.


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